Presidential Immigration Pvt. Ltd. is an immigration firm in Kathmandu, Nagpokhari near opposite of Republic of Memorial Park.Our firm provides immigration representation to immigrants and their family members. Understanding the facts about immigration, handling employer’s obligations overseas and meeting visa requirements is central to make an international assignment work. Not doing so could mean expensive and time consuming legal issues later on even your business being blacklisted by foreign governments in the future, so we are dedicated to providing competent legal representation to immigrants in the areas of family and humanitarian based immigration globalization.

We aim to offer stability,clarity and positive outcomes to offer clients during stressful and confusing periods of their lives.

Moving to Canada and global is a huge step for almost all immigrants, so that it is most necessary to have access useful information and resources for Canada and rest of the world.

Our section aims to provide the immigrants with necessary  resources and information needed to ensure your successful integration into Canadian society.

Canada is renowned world-wide for beauty,diversity and land of opportunity. Our expert counsellors are always ready to provide helpful resources and information like landing in Canada as a permanent resistant, settlement in Canada, Canadian immigration forum and rest of the world as well through different possible program.

Working with an President Immigration Pvt. Ltd. immigration consultants allows your business to fully outsource its globalization immigration management and so avoid other issues.We are committed to providing excellent,honest and affordable representation. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.—The real key to business success abroad.

We are looking to launch more new programs for Canada and other countries immigrants.