Presidential Immigration (P.) LTD. do Test Preparation  only IELTS in (GT) i.e, General Training . The classes are designed to increase our applicants potential and performance in IELTS in (GT). The course is designed in standard format way which helps our enrolled applicants improve their test taking potential to maximize test results overall to achieve their CLB required level. We believe targeted applicants will acquire special strategies and content base information, guidance about the IELTS in (GT) exam.

Preparation  options:  We conduct best IELTS in (GT) test preparation classes with a highly experienced and professional tutor. Our IELTS in (GT) preparation instructor focuses on all the main language skills and exam techniques to needy applicants by giving the best possible chance of getting the required score.We do provide different resources and service to applicants to increase their performance:

  1. Mock tests: Mocks exams are practice exams that help students prepare for real exam. They are intended to give students a clear identification of their current performance. We do provide mock tests on demand of students and we do charge Rs 100 for per test.
  2. Study guides: Our IELTS in (GT) instructor organise various published materials which helps  students to in corporate into their preparation.
  3. Tutor: Our tutor is highly professional with more than 15 years of experience. He always deliver his best to our students one-on-one to improve their academic performance.
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