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Career development is the lifelong process of managing, learning, work, leisure and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future.

Presidential Immigration P. Ltd. is providing career development counseling services by professional for immigrants who wants to immigrate in Canada in PR  by advising, coaching providing information to and supports all immigrant people who are planning, seeking and managing their life/work direction to world’s no. one ranked in social security country, Canada.

Immigrants seeks informal support from friends and family around their career choices that’s why career counseling plays the most important role. No one would be responsible for your wrong decision as it is your life, never try to play with your career, so Presidential Immigration P. Ltd. do career counseling from professionals and experts who have experience dealing in many cases.

Presidential Immigrations P. Ltd. do believe career counseling process actively which we wants to assure an international migrants can choose right career track to achieve their goal. International migrants should choose right program in right time from wide possibilities program available.

Presidential Immigrants P. Ltd. helps immigrants (applicants) to :

  • Choose right programs which is suitable for the applicants on the basis of available personal data.
  • Helps new immigrants by providing information of easiest and convenient program which would help them to grab right opportunity.
  • Familiarizes immigrants (applicants) with their personal interests.
  • Assist applicants in upgrading their personal data which helps to obtain cut-off points which is required for eligible.
  • Once registered in office, we provide classes in IELTS in (GT) by our experienced tutor