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Refugees are people who cannot return to their country of arigin because of a well founded fear of persecution, conflict, violence or other result, require international protection. War, ethnic, tribe and religious violence causes of refugees fleeing their countries.

Individuals who face a legitimate fear of being victimize in their own home country can apply for refugee status within Canada have high probability to become a Canadian resident.

Presidential Immigration Pvt. Ltd.  provide legal advise and guidance to individuals who wants to run away from their home country due to their race, religion, nationality, societal group or politics.

We try to understand first under what ground refugee application are going through. We understand very well that sometimes successful applicants may go through cruel punishment or death in lack of proper guidance in right time. This is why we give priority to understand the full scope of your situation so we can provide exact application for your case.

Following are the circumstances of refugee:-

  1. If government is failure to protect its citizens who are openly advocating against rebel group of that country.
  2. If citizens are conquered by government on religious base.
  3. If a marital woman is being repeated physically abused by her husband and not taken into consideration.
  4. If any citizens are conquered by government on religion and ethical basis, etc.
  5. If government vanquished students who have been vanished by government.
  6. Children of imprisoned political involved people who do have high threats by government authorities.
  7. The witness of deliberately and brutally killed by militants.
  8.  Human rights powerbroker, victim of state because of government misemployment.