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United State of American Citizen with an Overseas Fiancé(E) May be able to Bring His/Her Fiancé(E) to the USA Prior to Getting Married. The Sponsor And His/Her Fiancé(E) Must Show Proof that They Have Met in Person at Least Once Prior to the Fiancé(E)’S Arrival in the USA. The Petition is Processed Initially with the Appropriate USA Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Service Center with Final Processing Completed at the USA Embassy Consulate Abroad Where the Fiancé(E) Appears For an Interview with the Consular Officer. Once the Fiancé(E) Arrives in The United States, The Couple Must Marry Within Ninety Days of entry, otherwise the fiancé(e) has violated his/her nonimmigrant visa status. It cannot be extended or Re-generated without a return abroad.