Presidential Immigration Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer immigration consultancy in Nepal, has deep and long experience of providing the best and competent immigration guidance with high percent of visa achievements of clients. Highly trained counsellor, foreign university post graduates and foreign immigrants lawyers works together focusing on providing right immigrants visa guidance after monitoring to current time easily access visa. To our knowledge, we are the only immigration consultant in Nepal having nearly 90 percent visa success rate in present scenario.

We are also running IELTS (GT) preparation classes as a second language with highly trained instructor providing continuously excellent outcomes.

Our career counselling immigrants consultants endeavour to assess your present time situation and guide you with a best pathway for migrating to Canada,Japan, Korea, UK, USA, and rest of the world as well. We assist you throughout the migration process.

We strongly believe not only in excellent customer service with Jobs-to-be-done framework but also off the job done as well, so we provide continuous needy information to our immigrants once they are settled in their desire nations if they need assistance.

Our counsellors and consultants are well versed with the latest immigration rules of the destination countries and have ample experience in providing guidance to international immigrants aspirants.

Overall our professional, dedicated counsellor can assist you with accessing IELTS GT training, finding employment job demand and let you know your new community and also provide all need information about living and working of your destiny.