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Canada super visa enables parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and permanent residents of Canada to visit their family and stay in Canada for up to two years without having to renew their status.

Canada super visa is specially targeted for parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and permanent residents who want to visit Canada to join their family. The visa can remain valid for up to 10 years allowing recently during this period of time.

The Super Visa was introduced in 2011 for the first time, since then it has allowed thousands of international parents and grandparents to come to Canada to visit loved ones in Canada for an extended time-period without having work rights. It helps in benefiting socially and economically for ex. these groups helps in taking care of infants on other allowing working-age immigrants and naturalized citizens to work full time in Canadian labour market.

In this visa the spouse or common-law partner of an applicant are also allowed to come in canada but apart of them other dependants may not and this visa holders are strictly prohibited to work. Under this visa program there is limited no. of visa supply and it may take long time for application process.

Eligibility for Canada Super Visa:

There are a couple of Canadians that must be met in order to apply for the Super Visa:

  • Applicants need to show their purpose of visit, finances in their home country, demonstration to their country  and should have strong evidence that they will return to their home country after completion of their visit.
  • Applicant’s Canadian child or grandchildren who are living in Canada should provide a letter of invitation, a letter promising financial support and relationship verification
  • Applicant’s child or grandchild should provide the given income related documents to their parents which are most important for them to apply for Canada Super Visa:-
  1.  Recent tax returns documents, T4 or T1 ,copy, a letter from employer, complete and pass an immigration medical examination.
  2. Insurance policy which must cover health care, hospitalization; valid for at least one year and should cover minimum of $100,000 CAD .